Current situation:
“Systemic coaching is counselling of tasks, resources and solutions for management, teams and individuals within organisations. It serves the purpose of enhancement of competence and choice for actions. Further it helps to advance personal and professional development of human beings within their work environment and on different levels of the system.
(www.systemische– ).

Systemic coaching and conflict management allow defining solutions for difficult topics to which all those who are present contribute. The method can also be individually used to help find the right way.

We have management experience and have developed over time the career of countless employees and executives. More than ever today there is a need for a prudent and careful career planning for individuals and teams. It is equally necessary to determine whether he or she is fit for the labour market and has a healthy work-life balance with respect to his / her use and understanding of work.

With the support of scientific and certified methods we advise individuals and teams of banks, financial services companies and SMEs. Further we make sure together with our network of partners that motivated and self-developed individuals are capable of working efficiently or that through organizational consulting for the company modern working methods are implemented at the firm. This will create added value to human resources and training.

Career and leadership coaching to support this holistic approach to human resources:

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