Current situation:
“The goal of the economy is the human being”. “All methods of steering of the economy are not self-centred. They gain their value, if they are centred on the ideal image of the human being they are expected to serve.” (Carl Friedrich von Trotha 1943 and high school examination topic in German, 1973)

We wish for ourselves that the sense of the economic activity and the respective value for us human beings became again more important than just looking for shareholder value in the stock markets. Modern companies are complex and there is a multitude of activities and interrelationships between projects and the respective people involved in business. We are happy to support you, to become more effective in the management of your projects and as human beings in business.

On an agency basis, as active and independent members, we support you in your best practice for your management and the representation on Boards (Shareholders’ or Advisory). If there is a need, we also represent you externally. (e.g. in associations and NPOs).

We are experienced in accounting, finance and tax issues, how do these present themselves as part of the family company.

We are networked and have broad access to government and private decision makers. We know of alternative investment products and solutions in the national and international context and understand it well how to deal with local stakeholders.

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