Current situation:
“In highly dynamic and competitive markets there is a need for a professionally managed strategy process. This to allow to achieve the predefined goals of the enterprise. Success then becomes the ultimate result of the chosen strategy and its rigorous implementation.”
(Quoted from ZFU).

The Global Economy nowadays produces from Asia and Latin America to Europe and America. The mature markets stagnate, new markets know how to grow and request control of their own value growth and more global responsibility. R&D, production and export are designed by the local organisation, knowledge, goods and services are exchanged internationally. This process based on mutual dependence is non-reversible and enhanced by digitalisation.

Global insecurity and debt have an impact on the financial markets, the real economy – for example with foreign exchange impact on national flagship industries, such as machinery manufacturing, agriculture and tourism. This calls for structural redesign, high productivity, knowledge development and additional investment into workplace and its structural environment. Innovative small and medium sized firms (SMEs) often lead the way and deserve our support.

As part of the strategy management, we advise family businesses, SMEs, NGOs and public companies regarding their funding, notably with respect to export promotion and financing issues, with emphasis on Asia and location establishment issues in Switzerland and abroad. This includes best practice in tourism.

In India and China, we have business associates and have decades of practical experience. A flexible and specialized partner network supports us throughout Asia.

Questions related to strategic positioning, sales’ organization of markets and products, the business organization, including the associated issues of human resources, risk perception, financial management and corporate governance can be dealt with by our specialists, on our own or as part of the network.

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